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NLN's On-Line Learning Environment

Every staff member and student has a unique username to access the e-learning system.

Username & Password - For Staff
This is based on your employee staff number and your official name as recorded in the company employee database. Usernames are available from your manager.  Example: 6790.sean.smith
The first time that staff log in your password will be 'changeme'. The system will then ask the staff member change this to something else.

Username & Password - For Students
This is based on your details as recorded in the NLN student database (known as COMPASS) and includes your centre code, official name and student number. Usernames are available from your instructor. Example: SWTR.John.Ryan.12345
Your student password is 'password'. You will not be asked to change it to something else.

If you experience problems logging in, or have any queries about the system, please email